Sunday, May 3, 2015

Currently Obsessed: April 2015

It's already May. Wow. April flew by. But I digress, lets get right down to it shall we?

What I am currently obsessed with:

1. The Jaclyn Hill's Favorites palette by Morphe

 You guys!!!! When this first came out and sold out before I could get it I was not happy but I finally got my hands on it the 2nd time around after stalking Morphe's Instagram. Anything Jaclyn Hill does I feel like I need to purchase it. When she actually comes out with her own makeup line I am going to go happily broke and it will be all her fault. But this eye shadow palette is amazeballs. It has every color you will ever want or need and they are just gorgeous. That is all I can say.

2. Lush Eau Roma Water Facial Spray

So Annie gave this to me as part of my birthday present and I am now obsessed. I am no stranger to facial sprays but I had never tried this one from Lush. It is awesome though, it is just so refreshing on your face and it has a smell to it that I can't really place but for some reason makes me think of being on a beach vacation so when I spray it I feel calm and happy (I'm weird I know, thanks).

3.  Reflections by Misterwives.
I don't even know why I love this song right now considering I can't really understand half of what they are saying--but the beat in chorus is just so fun and dance-worthy that I just can't help myself. Windows down, volume up for this one.

4. Scandal
I want to be Olivia Pope. Then again, who doesn't? Her style is flawless, she is a badass business woman, and she doesn't take crap from anyone. This show literally sucks you in with the first episode and does not let you go. I have been watching it on Netflix and I have 2 episodes left in season 3 and I am savoring them because I just don't want it to end and have to wait for the new season to come out. Hurry up Netflix!!

5. Flowers

I don't know if it is just because it is Spring or what but lately I have just been loving flowers. They are so pretty!! I recently went and bought flowers for my condo to brighten it up for Spring. (Full Disclosure: They are fake flowers, I don't claim to be able to keep anything alive). But I just have the urge to buy even more, all kinds…and maybe I will.

That's it for this edition on "Currently Obsessed", hope you enjoyed it. Let me know some of your current obsessions on the comments!

Love you_Mean it,

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