Monday, January 26, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside...

Hello Hello! It is almost February and to many people's dismay, it is still winter. I happen to not mind it since it has been a decently mild winter so far (knock on wood). I will even go as far as to say that I am a little disappointed that it really only "snow snowed" once this winter. But enough about snow, today I wanted to share with you a few of the things I cannot live without in the winter time…Here goes...

My 7 Winter Essentials:

1. My "get cozy" slippers from Aerie 

You guys, not only are these adorable, they are comfy and oh so warm. Sometimes my feet get so warm they start to sweat a little! I don't believe they still have these exact slippers at Aerie but you can find other ones here.

2. My leopard print pajama leggings from Pink Victoria's Secret

I normally just wear shorts to bed, even in the winter, because I can't stand the way pants ride up in But on nights when I am particularly freezing I will whip these bad boys out. Since they are leggings they are tight so they don't bunch up all night. Plus I love the color pink and I am really into leopard prints right now. meow. :)

3. Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil Light face serum

I don't usually consider myself to have dry skin, I am more normal to oily if I had to choose, but in the winter I think everyone's skin gets a little dryer than normal. So I like to use this face serum after I wash and tone my face. It is all natural and organic so you can pretty much put it on anything, your face, hair, nails, etc. There is a regular version as well which I actually haven't tried but I think the light is just enough for me. (This product is also a Jaclyn Hill recommendation!)

4. Soap and Glory's Hand Food, hand and body cream

Keeping with the dry skin theme--my hands get super dry in the winter time from the harsh air and all the hand washing so I must have this lotion in my purse at all times. Now I must say I am not a huge lotion person, especially on my hands because I just don't like that greasy feeling and sometimes the scents can be overwhelming--So when my friend Annie, who is also makeup obsessed like me, told me to try this I was skeptical. Once I did though I immediately fell in love. It is not greasy at all, yet it is thick and creamy enough to be extremely moisturizing. Also, it has a very light, almost fresh scent that isn't over powering at all. (Available at Sephora)

5. My agave lip mask by Bite Beauty

If you have dry, chapped lips you NEED this in your life...NOW. This lip mask is the bomb. I have been truly struggling with dry and cracked lips lately and I fell like this is the only thing that keeps my lips from completely breaking off my face. I put it on every night before I go to bed and when I wake up I can still feel it on my lips. It. Is. Heavenly. (Also available at Sephora)

6. A good coffee mug

I love Starbucks. Some may say I have an addiction and I won't necessarily disagree. But I got a new Kuerig for Christmas that I cannot wait to set up in my new condo and start making coffee at home. I just like the idea of cuddling up with a nice blanket and hot coffee or tea on a Sunday morning. Now I like to have a lot of mugs and this is one that I actually painted myself at The Pottery Place off North Bend Road. It was a ton of fun and they have lots of pieces to choose from.

7. A big cozy scarf

Everyone needs a big chunky scarf to shield them against the winter winds. I love this because it's just a big fluffy turtle neck you can take on and off when needed. I got this one from Aerie by American Eagle.

So there you have it! My 7 Winter obsessions. What are some things you guys can't live without in the winter? Comment below!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy 2015!

It's a new year!! It is 2015 and big things are happening this year. I am in 3 weddings already, 1 in June, 1 in October and 1 in November. My sister Crissy is having her second baby on February 10th and I will be an aunt for the 3rd time! Fifty Shades of Grey and Pitch Perfect 2 come out this year. My mom is moving out of her condo (aka the unofficial nursing home) and more importantly out of Delhi all together.

And perhaps the most exciting thing of 2015 is that I will be moving out completely on my own for the first time. I have lived in a dorm, and in apartments with my other people but never in my own place all by myself. I am renting my cousin's condo starting in February. I will put up pictures once I get it decorated nice--if that ever even happens!  

I'll be 25 this year as well...YIKES! that seems crazy to me. I am half way finished with my 20's! My 20's have definitely been interesting to say the least. But hopefully it means I will get my life together soon.

I am hoping to get organized on here and start doing maybe some tutorials or at the very least some more interesting topics so STAY TUNED this year!!