Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey Hi Hello

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Blog!!
Let me just start off by saying that it is NOT easy coming up with a bog name, let alone a clever one. It took me a long (and I mean long) time to come up with this title and I'm still not even sure it is that great. But I digress, I chose it because I have been OBSESSED with beauty and makeup for the past year or so. I started watching all these YouTube beauty bloggers and fell in love! Jaclyn Hill is my all time favorite beauty guru. Everything she says I believe 100%. Her channel is like my Bible. (I am pretty sure that is completely sacrilegious, and I know it is a tad obsessive) but she knows her shit.
Anyways, I have been trying to blog for years and years now. I started one years ago and posted about 2 things that in my opinion, and I'm sure other people's, were just dumb. I had 2 subscribers (is that what they are called on here?) one was my sister Carrie, who encouraged me to start the blog, and the other was my best friend Brittany who I FORCED to follow me. Needless to say, I gave up on that. So blah blah blah that brings us here to 2014 and I am going to try and actually keep up with this blog. It won't be all about make-up it will just be a hodgepodge of randomness (thus is my life). I am learning how to do this whole thing so bare with me!
That is probably more than enough for my 1st post. Until next time...


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